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Explorer Paket


Locomarine Explorer Package

If you are a real sailor and you spend more than week or two on a boat per year, this is a package for you. This package will give you the best of the navigational software available today - Nobeltec Admiral in a combination with superb Nobeltec IR2 radar and two displays - one 17" indoor LCD TV and 8.4" touch screen wireless outdoor LCD. Package is equipped even with advanced accessories like AIS (Automatic Identification System).

All configurations are basic information purpose only. They are configurated in a way that you can easily understand how to configure complete solution for your boat and how much it will cost. You can configure your own package based on your own demands.


Vad innehåller packetet?

Klicka på bilden så kan ni se vad packetet innehåller eller titta för att få idéer om hur du kan kombinera ditt eget packet.

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Locomarine computer 2000

Processor: Pentium™ M 1.73 GHz (735), 2 Mb Cache, 533 MHz system bus (max. 2.26 Ghz)
Memory: 1 GB (max. 2 GB)
Chipset: Intel® 855GME
Hard disk
: 80 GB shock absorbing mount (max. 3x120 GB)
Optical device: DVD RW drive** (on dashboard control unit only)
I/O ports: 1 VGA (+3x VGA as option), 4 USB (8 with additional dashboard control unit), 3 serial (2xRS232, 1xRS232/485), 1 PS2 mouse/keyboard, 1 RJ-45 LAN, 3 Audio (line-in, line-out, mic-in)
Expansion slots: 1 PCI, 1 mini PCI (124-pin, reserved for WLAN card)
Graphics: up to 64MB of dynamic video memory allocation, Intel Extreme Graphic 2
Audio: Realtek ALC202A 2 channel
WLAN: Wistron CM9 Atheros 802.11a/b/g DualBand or Intel PRO/WIreless 2200BG
Power: integrated 12V DC 160W 6-28 V intelligent PSU (autoshutdown, remote on/off switch support)
Operating environment: 0 - 50 °C, 90% relative humidity, non-condensing, Storage environment: -25 - 60 °C, Measures: 220x225x90 mm
Warranty: two years limited

Dashboard control unit
Dashboard control unit is connected on any Locomarine computer via single cable (2 meters). Optical device: DVD RW drive (DVD, DVD/CDRW as option), I/O ports: 4 USB (v 2.0), Power button: Yes (with power LED, parallel
to remote on/off switch)

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** order separately

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The Ultimate Board Computer
For those who take navigation seriously.

Windows XP Pro included.

External DVD drive

This external DVD drive will give you possibilities to watch DVD movies and install additional software on your computer.

black or silver
Power: unit is supplied via USB cable (no additional power cable)


Wireless slim keyboard + mouse

This high quality slim wireless keyboard with wireless joystick will be great detail on your navigational table.


Bluetooth USB module

This module is designed to connect to the USB port of a desktop or laptop PC, and allows the computer to build a short-range wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, and computers.


Indoor 17 " LCD / TV

TFT active matrix LCD / TV with wide viewing angle, remote control, stereo, teletext, AV in/out.


17" - 1280 x 1024 px

Power: 12 VDC standard / 220 VAC optional
Remote control included.


Outdoor Wireless touchscreen LCD

Moistrure and dust resistant 8.4" high-brightness touch screen LCD.

The Wireless Nobeltec Display is manufactured by Panasonic and can be used up to 100 meters away from any 802.11b wireless enabled PC! Each screen has a full magnesium alloy case, sealed port and connector covers and contains a built in stylus. The display is an SVGA high-bright, sunlight readable TFT active matrix color LCD touchscreen. The Wireless Nobeltec display display gives you access to your computer from anywhere on your vessel!

This device has been used by Oracle BMW team on a last Americas Cup.
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Manufacturer: Nobeltec (Panasonic)

8.4" - 800 x 600 px

Mounting: rotatable mounting arm
Lithium Ion battery pack (1800mAH/7.4V)
Battery operation: up to 4 hours (Backlight off), up to 2 hours (Backlight on, Low), up to 1.5 hours (Backlight on, High)
Battery charging time: approximately 2 hours (Power off), 5 hours (Power on)

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Polstar PMA 248 GPS marine active antenna NEW!

Features: Built-in SONY's newest 4th generation CXD2951GA-4 dedicated single chip for GPS, built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator, 12 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition, built-in rechargeable battery for backup memory and RTC, fast TTFF for cold start, warm start and hot star,
serial communication channel with user selectable baud rates allowing to
design the maximum interface capability and flexibility.

Water proof design for all weather.

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Nobeltec AIS 100 receiver NEW!

The new AIS 100 unit is a very cool little device and the price is right. This single-channel receive only unit now displays targets in the Nobeltec software. Features: Easy Install, Single-channel AIS, 12 volt power, Operates at 161.875 and 162.02 MHz, Display a vessels MNSI number, COG, SOG, and Name of Ship, Simple to install with 50-ohm general purpose marine antenna.


more info


Custom made stainless steel mounting arm

Tilt / pivot / rotate mounting arms custom made from 18/10 stainless steel for all LCD monitor size and type.


Nobeltec / Panasonic wireless LCD mount

Tilt / pivot / rotate mounting arms for easy attach-detach Nobeltec / Panasonic LCD.


CD/AC single output adapter NEW!

This 150W 12V DC to 220V AC will give you possibility to connect all set of devices you might need on the boat that are prepared to work on 220V power.


TV antenna with amplifier

Locomarine ultra-light TV antenna with high power amplifier will provide clear TV picture on your TV display. Cables included.


Nobeltec solid state heading sensor NEW!

The new advanced Nobeltec Solid State Heading Sensor is a solid state, rate gyro electronic compass that provides better than 1° heading accuracy through ±45° of roll and pitch angle, and better than 1° roll and pitch accuracy in static conditions. Each SSC200 is factory calibrated for maximum accuracy. It delivers precise, reliable heading information ten times per second, plus vessel attitude including pitch and roll readings once per second. A micro-machined rate gyro is used by advanced stabilization algorithms to provide accurate, stable readings during dynamically changing conditions such as hard turns or rough seas, making it an ideal heading sensor for the Nobeltec InSight Radar. The NMEA 0183 standard connects directly to share information with Nobeltec’s navigational software. The heading sensor can be automatically calibrated for deviation. Its dynamic accuracy is improved with advanced digital filtering of the 3-axis magnetometer, 2-axis accelerometer and rate gyro.

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Radar mast mount

If you plan to mount radar on a mast, our radar mount will be a perfect solution. Made of stanless steel.


Nobeltec IR2 Radar 2kW 20 " Dome

20" enclosed radome
24 M
30 RPM
Peak Power Output: 2000 W
Power Consumption: 30 W or less

more technical details

more info


Nobeltec Admiral
8.0 version NEW!

Nobeltec Admiral is the top-end of the Nobeltec electronic charting line-up. In addition to all of the powerful features such as Quilting, Course Up chart rotation and more, the Admiral has a whole new look and feel. The new NavView user interface gives you all the right information in an easy to read and easy to use view. Admiral also adds a host of professional tools for the mariner including enhanced vessel features, ARPA radar support, AIS, DSC and more.

Click here to learn more about new 8.0 version.

PDF brochure - Admiral
PDF brochure - Visual Navigation Suite


Compatibile chart system:
Nobeltec Passport / Maptech BSB /
RasterPlus / NDI / SoftChart

more info on



Locomarine EXPLORER Package


  Computer + computer accessories
LBC-BCM-001 Locomarine Board Computer 2000


LBC-UPG-009 External DVD / CDRW drive


LBC-UPG-012 Bluetooth USB module


ACC-KEY-004 Slimline wireless keyboard + wireless mouse


  Indoor LCD / TV
LCD-TV-004 17" LCD TV (Philips, Hansol, Grundig)


  Outdoor LCD
RHWXX00001 Panasonic wireless outdoor 8.4" LCD (high brightness, touchscreen, SVGA)


ACC-GPS-007 Polstar GPS PMA 248 (external active antenna/receiver)


  Nobeltec IR2 Radar
RHRDT00002 IR2-2D - 2kW 20" Dome


RSAFG00005 Nobeltec Admiral 8.1 Global Version


SFT-WIN-002 Windows XP Pro


RAHSX00001 Solid State Heading Sensor


  Other accessories
ACC-LCD-002 Indoor LCD custom made stainless steel mounting arm (rotatable)


ACC-LCD-004 Outside LCD mouting arm


ACC-LCD-005 TV antenna with amplifier


RAD-MNT-003 Mast mount - stainless steel


RARCD00003 Extra Long - Cable - 2kw Dome 15 meter


RHAXX00002 Nobeltec AIS 100 Receiver


ACC-INV-001 DC/AC adapter 150 W / 1 input


PAC-EEX-001 Summa totalt för hela packetet

88.094:- +moms

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Nobeltec Navigations program: 

AdmiralVersion 9.0






Nobeltec Navigations program :

VNS Version 9.0





Maretron NMEA 2000

Världsledande inom NMEA 2000


DSM200 Photo


Nobeltec InSight (IR2) radarsystem



True Heading AIS RX





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