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Nobeltec IR2 Radar







Nobeltec InSight (IR2) radars



Nobeltec har tagit marin navigation på allvar och har ett stort sortiment på IR2 Radar system. Som använder sig av Nobeltec Insight Radar2 Technology, vilket innebär att du kan se radar bilden inlagd över den elektroniska kartan utan att du behöver en extra monitor för radarbilden.




Nobeltec IR2 technology


The all-new IR2 leverages the power of the PC to bring together the world’s best navigation software with the familiarity of traditional radar to create the ultimate navigation system. IR2 offers unparalleled chart plotting and radar abilities that provide higher resolution and greater confidence.


IR2 surpasses traditional radar systems through its use of the award-winning Visual Navigation Suite and Nobeltec Admiral. These navigation programs make the IR2 easy-to-use, affordable to update and provide functionality not found on other radars. What’s more, Nobeltec’s InSight Radar 2 models can

be connected to a vessel wide network, providing all of your nav stations with

radar and chart plotting data for true redundancy.



• See radar in dedicated window, on top of electronic charts, or as a split screen with both options

• Adjust Sea and Rain Clutter, Range, Gain, and more directly from the toolbar

• Includes powerful radar features such as Variable Range Marker, Electronic Bearing Line, Guard Zones and more

• Radar Setup Wizard makes setting up the PC with the radar a snap

• 3 color radar image - Different colors represent return intensities

• Record and playback feature allows you to record and playback your voyages for future route planning





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Nobeltec IR2 Radar 2kW 20 " Dome


Transceiver: 20" enclosed radome

Range: 24 M

Rotation: 30 RPM

Peak Power Output: 2000 W

Power Consumption: 30 W or less


Pris:  21.887:- ink moms  (17.509:- ex.moms)




Nobeltec IR2 Radar 4kW 25" Dome


Transceiver: 25" enclosed radome

Range: 36 M

Rotation: 24 RPM

Peak Power Output: 4000 W

Power Consumption: 55 W or less


Pris: 38104:- ink moms  (30.483:- ex moms)




Nobeltec IR2 Radar 4-25kW 3.5' - 9'


Open Arrays

Open Array:  3.5' - 9'

Range: 48 - 96 M24

Rotation: 48 RPM

Peak Power Output: 4000 - 25000 W

Power Consumption: 55 - 130 W or less


Nobeltec Radar IR2-4.3   4kW 3.5'   

Pris: 54.887:- ink moms (43.909:- ex moms) 


Nobeltec Radar  IR2-6.4  6kW 4.5'

Pris: 73.534:- ink moms  (6.027:- ex moms)


Nobeltec Radar IR2-6.6   6kW 6.5'

Pris:  80.054:- inkl moms  (64.043:- ex moms)

Nobeltec Radar IR2-12.4  12kW 4.5'

Pris: 99.641:- inkl. moms  ( 79.712:- ex moms)

Nobeltec Radar IR2- 12.6  12kW 6.5'

Pris: 103.370:- inkl. moms   (82.696:- ex. moms)

Nobeltec Radar IR2-25.4  25kW 4.5'

Pris: 129.476:- inkl.moms (103.580:- ex moms)


Nobeltec Radar IR2-25.9  25kW 9'
Pris: 142.530:- inkl. moms  (114.024:- ex. moms)



Nobeltec InSight Radar2 Control / Black Box


The InSight™ Radar 2 (IR2-BB™) is a revolutionary product that integrates existing radar systems with Nobeltec Admiral and Visual Navigation Suite Software. By interfacing existing radar with the IR2-BB, radar images can be viewed right on top of electronic charts. This provides users with high resolution radar overlay capabilities that until now have cost much more. Nobeltec’s IR2-BB operates as a secondary display to an existing radar system. This enables users to view radar images on radar display units and on their Nobeltec Navigation Software at the same time. The IR2-BB provides users with higher resolution and greater confidence: Brings Older Radars Back to Life – Without the hassle of buying and installing a new radar system, the InSight Radar Box provides boaters with existing radar the opportunity to update to the latest radar display technology. Radar Made Safe, Easy, and Effective – All important navigation information is available from a single source. Anti-Collision information is provided by the radar and navigation information is provided by Nobeltec Navigation Software.

Radar overlay points out navigational aids that are missing or not in their charted position. In areas of poor or inadequate charting, radar overlay highlights errors in GPS/char positioning allowing the user to rely on more than one source of real-time position information.


Pris: 29.231:- ink. moms (23384:- ex moms)




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Radar accessories








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Nobeltec Navigations program: 

AdmiralVersion 9.0






Nobeltec Navigations program :

VNS Version 9.0





Maretron NMEA 2000

Världsledande inom NMEA 2000


DSM200 Photo


Nobeltec InSight (IR2) radarsystem



True Heading AIS RX





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