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Dator Tillbehör " Sensorer".

The first and biggest advantage of computers over classic chart plotters is in almost seamless expandability. The second advantage is possibility of choice. That mean you can configure your Locomarine system by your own choice and demands. In our offer you will find some interesting accessories that will expand possibilities of your Locomarine board computer.


Ultrasonic wind sensor

The latest generation wind sensor without moving part, the CV3F, is a superb wind sensor. The sensor is more robust and accurate than convention sensors. After corrections the accurate has improved with a resolution of less than 1 degree (direction) and 0.1 knots speed.









ACC-SEN-001  Pris: 6 990:- inkl.moms (5 592:-exl.moms)



Airmar ultrasonic GPS weather station NEW!


Airmar’s ultrasonic WeatherStation measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, and barometric pressure. It also computes relative humidity, dew point and wind chill temperatures. The WeatherStation measures wind speed and direction without any moving parts! True wind speed and direction readings are calculated by interfacing with an internal or external GPS receiver and internal compass. No moving parts, continuous operation in adverse weather conditions, standard 1”– 14 connection accommodates existing mounting hardware, base connector assures easy installation and servicing, quick disconnect for easy removal, NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000® or custom CAN protocols available, internal compass standard for true wind speed and direction computation, optional 16 parallel channel GPS, sailboat version incorporates inclinometer and mounted Windex® indicator, LED lighting of Windex® indicator. Software  CD-included

 ACC-SEN-005  Pris: 11 355:- inkl.moms  (9084:- exl.moms)


Airmar Smart depth / speed sensor


Airmar Smart Sensors have emmbedded microelectronics - the transducer element and signal processor are only millimeters apart. The signal from our depth transducer is processed right inside the sensor and fed directly to any display with and NMEA port. In conventional navigation systems, a depth transducer sends its signal to a dedicated instrument which interprets the data for its display screen. Smart Sensors can make a chart plotter or radar screen do "double duty".

ACC-SEN-002  Pris:


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Nobeltec Solid State heading sensor NEW!


The new advanced Nobeltec Solid State Heading Sensor is a solid state, rate gyro electronic compass that provides better than 1° heading accuracy through ±45° of roll and pitch angle, and better than 1° roll and pitch accuracy in static conditions. Each SSC200 is factory calibrated for maximum accuracy. It delivers precise, reliable heading information ten times per second, plus vessel attitude including pitch and roll readings once per second. A micro-machined rate gyro is used by advanced stabilization algorithms to provide accurate, stable readings during dynamically changing conditions such as hard turns or rough seas, making it an ideal heading sensor for the Nobeltec InSight Radar. The NMEA 0183 standard connects directly to share information with Nobeltec’s navigational software. The heading sensor can be automatically calibrated for deviation. Its dynamic accuracy is improved with advanced digital filtering of the 3-axis magnetometer, 2-axis accelerometer and rate gyro.


RAHSX00001  Pris: 7 314:- inkl.moms  (5855:- exl.moms)

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Nobeltec Navigations program: 

AdmiralVersion 9.0






Nobeltec Navigations program :

VNS Version 9.0





Maretron NMEA 2000

Världsledande inom NMEA 2000


DSM200 Photo


Nobeltec InSight (IR2) radarsystem



True Heading AIS RX





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